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Lea Coll

Tempting Love Paperback

Tempting Love Paperback

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Mountain Haven Series - Book 4 (Alice and Sam's Story)

Accepting a nanny position seemed like a good way to escape my past. To prove I’d changed.

I never counted on Sam, my new boss. He’s trying to run his family’s contracting business and raise his daughter by himself. I want to ignore my attraction to him, but it’s impossible with us living in the same house. Maybe I haven’t come as far as I thought.

Until a midnight encounter changes everything. I discover he’s protective, caring, and his concern for me is the sexiest thing about him. But he’s also dangerous because he makes me think that anything’s possible. Even a future with him and Maggie.

Can I take a gamble with him and hope my past doesn’t catch up with the future I’m racing towards?


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