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Lea Coll

Endless Hope Paperback

Endless Hope Paperback

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It takes more than endless hope to get to a happily ever after in this small town…

Signing up for the fund-raising bachelorette auction seemed like the right thing to do. Sure, it’d be awkward and embarrassing. But it was for a good cause, right? 

I never thought my high school sweetheart—my first love, my first everything—would bid on me. 

But he did.

Talon is grumpy. Borderline antisocial. Far too sexy for my peace of mind. 

And he wants more than just one date.

I probably should’ve refused. But I couldn’t.  

 Now, spending time with him is making me want things I know we can’t have. Because the truth is that I don’t deserve a second chance.

I don’t deserve him.

All I can do is hope I don’t break his heart—again—when he finally figures that out…   


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