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Lea Coll

Trusting Forever Hardcover

Trusting Forever Hardcover

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This Christmas, I might finally find my way out of the friend-zone and into my best friend’s heart.

Sebastian and I have been best friends forever. He knows everything about me, except that I’ve secretly crushed on him for years. When Sebastian finds himself without a nanny over the holidays, he makes me an offer I can’t refuse. Move into his cabin on the family’s Christmas tree farm and be a nanny to his little girl.

I’d love to step out of the friend-zone and into his arms, but it’s time I accepted that Sebastian will always look at me as his faithful friend. Determined to change my single status (and tired of the pitying comments from our families), I jump at the opportunity to participate in the Christmas tree farm’s bachelorette auction. I might not find Mr. Forever, but I might just find Mr. Fun-For-The-Holidays instead.

Imagine my surprise when Sebastian outbids everyone to win a date with me. I would’ve considered it a pity date, until I arrive at the ice-rink covered with fairy lights and enough mistletoe to make even Scrooge a romantic. I’m swept out of the friend-zone and into a hot and steamy night with my best friend.

Just when I’m sure that my Christmas wish has been granted and Sebastian and his daughter start to feel like family, his ex shows up threatening to destroy everything we’ve built.

Will he choose me, or will I be pushed back into the friend-zone?


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