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Lea Coll

Pre-Order Follow My Heart Ebook

Pre-Order Follow My Heart Ebook

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The Calloways Book 4 (Violet and Ryder’s Book)

Anyone who says following your heart always leads to happily ever after is lying. Ask me how I know... 

Turns out wanting a family isn’t enough to keep one together. I have divorce papers to prove it.

All that matters now, though, is my daughter. I need to focus on being the best single dad I can be. So, I moved back to my small hometown. I never thought I’d find a new romance there. 

Until I ran into her

Violet is my sister’s best friend. She’s sexy. Smart. Even sweeter than the ice cream she crafts in her shop.  I’ve known her since we were kids.

But she’s all grown up now. 

I know I should stay away. Our timing couldn’t be worse.

And I can’t seem to remember that when she’s in my arms.

In fact, I’m starting to wonder if following my heart this time will finally lead to happiness…or if my second chance at love will end as badly as my first…

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