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Forbidden Flame

When I saw Daphne Calloway on that stage being auctioned off to the highest bidder, I lost all sense of logic and reason. I had this overwhelming desire to take her away from the guys trying to win a date with her.

I had one night with her, and it should have been enough.

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Cross My Heart

Fiona was my first love. She was everything to me. And I broke her heart. But that was a long time ago. Now, my military career is over. I’m back in our small town, running my family’s inn, hoping for a second chance with the one that got away. Too bad Fiona no longer believes in second chances. Or love.

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Every Beat of My Heart

I never really cared that everyone saw me as nothing more than the charming Calloway—the one who refused to grow up. Until I met her. Claire is sexy. Smart. Put together in a way I’ll probably never be. She’s also the single mom of one of my students, which means a relationship with her is strictly forbidden.

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