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Lea Coll

All I Want Series Complete Box Set Ebook

All I Want Series Complete Box Set Ebook

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Get all 7 books in the All I Want Series in one bundle. This special edition  box set includes 6 novels, 1 novella, and all bonus material.

Choose Me: As soon as I moved from the city to a small town, I attracted the attention of the town's hottest cop. The only problem is...we work on opposite sides of the law and he's running for sheriff. When the election heats up, will he choose me?

Be with Me: When Jack comes back to save his father's business, I noticed he's filled out since high school. When he stops by my bakery each morning with a boyish smile and wink, I don't want to be friends anymore. It's time to show him, I'm all grown up. All I want is for him to be with me.

Burn for Me: I've worked for this promotion for years. I'm determined to get it, and I won't let anyone or anything stand in my way. Not even Logan Grey. His irresistible charm, sex appeal and cocky grin won't distract me from my goal. There's just one problem, I want Logan too.

Trust in Me: Quiet, smart, and totally not my type, Professor Sawyer Hudson needs me. One date, one charity dinner, to boost his reputation on campus. I'm going to do it. Only because I need him too.

Stay with Me: I never thought I’d be back in my hometown, but here I am living with my parents. I keep telling myself it’s only temporary but the hardest part is facing everyone I left behind—including Wyatt Carter.

Take a Chance on Me: I had no idea when Sadie Cole caught my eye, that she would also steal my heart. My daughter’s new dance teacher with her jet black hair and haunting blue eyes intrigued me. Her tight outfits and bare skin taunted me. Most importantly, she was amazing with my daughter. But Sadie’s reputation proceeded her... and I couldn’t afford any entanglements that would cost me custody of my daughter.

Fleeting Chance Novella: When I’m caught in a storm, my childhood friend and crush, Easton, rescues me. Now we’re stuck in his house for the night. He’s grown into a scorching hot man who can fill out a suit. I’m tempted to give into the impulse to enjoy one night together. Unfortunately, my heart wants more. Should I reveal to him my life-long crush, or will I lose my chance forever?

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