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Lea Coll

Mountain Haven Box Set (Books 4-6) Ebook

Mountain Haven Box Set (Books 4-6) Ebook

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This special edition box set includes books four through six of the Mountain Haven Series, and all bonus material.

Tempting Love: Accepting a nanny position seemed like a good way to escape my past. To prove I’d changed. I never counted on Sam, my new boss.  want to ignore my attraction to him, but it’s impossible with us living in the same house. He’s dangerous because he makes me think that anything’s possible. Even a future with him and Maggie. Can I take a gamble with him and hope my past doesn’t catch up with the future I’m racing towards?

Inescapable Love: Happily ever after wasn't for me. Instead, I focused on being my niece's favorite uncle. Until Natalie and her daughter. Recently divorced, she’s determined to open a bed and breakfast and hires me to renovate it. I should be focused on the job, but instead I’m distracted by the undeniable attraction between us.

Forbidden Love: Tyler Fletcher was the star of every one of my teenage fantasies. And I was the forbidden fruit. The younger sister to four older brothers, I was off-limits to every guy in town—especially my brothers’ best friend.

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