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Ever After Series Box Set (Books 4-6) E-Book

Ever After Series Box Set (Books 4-6) E-Book

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For the first time ever, get the last three books in the Ever After Series in one bundle! This special edition set includes all bonus material.

Give Me A Reason: Finn Evans is such a cynic. How can he not believe in love and marriage but still be a musician for weddings? I may be a hopeless romantic, but at least I believe in love—which makes being a wedding planner at Happily Ever Afters a dream job for me. Finn and I clash about everything—except our undeniable attraction to each other.

Somebody to Love: My best friend, Gia, has a rule for her employees and her friends: No dating her brothers. But Leo Giovanni is the guy I’d secretly crushed on since high school—who also happens to be Gia’s eldest brother. The Giovannis are the family I never had, and I refuse to do anything to mess that up.

Everything About You: Silas Sharpe is enemy number one—my biggest competitor and my brothers’ best friend. Seeing an opportunity to “spy” on the offerings at Chesapeake Resort under the guise of attending a “friend’s” wedding, I took it, dragging my best friend and my brother with me. When Silas cornered me in a utility closet during the wedding reception, I finally succumbed to the years of pent-up frustration and hate, giving in to my baser instincts. This was supposed to be a onetime thing, but in true Silas Sharpe fashion, he refused to give up until he had the one thing that had eluded him for years—me.

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