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Lea Coll

Fighting Chance Hardcover

Fighting Chance Hardcover

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Second Chance Harbor Series - Book 1 (Savannah and Ethan's Story)

He was all business until he fell head over tool belt for the sexy, single mom.

?I’m not bitter that Savannah St. James rejected me in high school. It's her cluttered storefront I have a problem with. Still, it’s hard to stay mad at her when she’s more beautiful than I remember and her son keeps finding new ways to sneak over to my hardware store every chance he gets.

?While I admit he needs a male figure in his life, I’m the wrong guy for the job. Despite my reluctance, the little guy brings us together even as our pasts keep us apart. I’m falling deeper for this woman, and the more I get to know Savannah, the more I realize I misjudged her.

?What if I’ve been wrong this whole time? Can we find a second chance after a rocky beginning?


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