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Lea Coll

Forbidden Love Paperback

Forbidden Love Paperback

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Mountain Haven Series - Book 6 (Tyler and Kylie's Story)

Tyler Fletcher was the star of every one of my teenage fantasies. And I was the forbidden fruit.

The younger sister to four older brothers, I was off-limits to every guy in town—especially my brothers’ best friend.

After finding ourselves alone in the same room when I was eighteen, Tyler and I had one brief, passionate encounter. But he disappeared without a word in the middle of the night.

Desperate to get out of my brothers’ shadows, and away from Tyler, I fled to Paris.

But after losing my job at a luxury hotel there, I found myself in the one place I swore I would never live—back home in Telluride.

At a fundraising event at my family’s ski resort, Tyler approached me with an offer to partner together to raise money for charity. Desperate to find my footing and prove to my father that I deserved a position in his company, I agreed to Tyler’s proposition.

Our task was simple: Construct dugouts for local softball teams.

Instead, our shared moments were filled with stolen kisses in the outfield, surrendering to the undeniable spark between us.

My recklessness won’t impress my father, and if he doesn’t give me the job, there will be nothing for me here. For Tyler, leaving his family and business isn’t an option.

We’re treading a dangerous line, but what happens if it blows up in my face?


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