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Lea Coll

Love Me Like You Do Ebook

Love Me Like You Do Ebook

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Book 3 of the Ever After Series

Rule No. 3: Don't sleep with your best friend.
When my best friend asked me to be his fake girlfriend in order to pursue custody of his daughter, I didn’t hesitate to help out.

Living together, sharing his bed, and waking up in his arms, quickly rekindle the long-forgotten childhood crush I once had on him. Only, Harrison isn’t a child anymore, and neither am I. I can’t ignore his charm, the way I feel in his arms, or how amazing he is with his daughter. The attraction is undeniable and so are the feelings that are growing faster than I can acknowledge them.

We pretend to be the perfect family to keep up appearances. Town festivals, family gatherings, and mundane every day tasks take on a whole new meaning. I remind myself daily that our relationship isn’t real, until he proposes with his grandmother’s ring.

Harrison is determined to prove to me that the fairy-tales are real, but I know from experience happy ever afters don’t exist.

How long before this happy ever after falls apart and I’m left searching for my glass slipper?

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Harrison & Everly!!

This is the third book in this incredible series, and this is Harrison and Everly’s story. These two have been best friends since childhood, and when he is trying to get custody of his daughter Wren, his lawyer suggest a stable relationship will help his case. Everly knows Harrison and Wren the best, and she jumps at the chance to be Harrison’s fake girlfriend. What happens when fake becomes too real? This is a well written story which is a friends / lovers’, emotional roller coaster, with family, friendships, heartbreak, romance, and love, which leads to an entertaining and haunting page turner.
I look forward to reading more from this talented author whose work I highly recommend.

Prolific 1
Another couple's fairytale romance

Harrison has a child, 8 year old Wren, with Lola, the product of a one night stand. They have never lived together but he sees his daughter and now wants more, but the mother is resisting every time and everything. Forcing shared custody through the court is complicated especially when his solicitor suggests marriage is a definite bonus in his application. Blurring out he is about to get engaged is a face saver, especially when he named is best friend and confident Everley. Now he needs to tell her and ask for a fake relationship. The problem starts when fake is becoming real, and feelings are surfacing, but friendship is all it is supposed to be with the intention to breakup after the hearing.
Confusion, trust issues, unrequited love, all combine to derail the plans..others see exactly what Harrison has missed, and Everley may no longer be willing.

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Joy S
Fairytale story

This is book #3 from the Ever After Series. This book is definitely a fairytale story with my favorite tropes: friends to lovers fake relationship. The author Lea Coll did a fantastic job writing wonderful heartfelt characters such as Everly learning to trust in herself and her relationships with others. I enjoyed this book and highly recommend for an easy read with a happily ever after ending. Can't wait to read the next book in the series.

Payton Box
Love this series

This series has been blowing me away from the start, it really shows how amazing of a writer Lea Coll is and why I’ve been a fan of her writing for many years now. I felt so many different emotions while reading this book, especially with Harrison and Everly’s story.

Everly’s background with her mother and father made me so emotional, I did not see that coming when I started the book. The theme of custody and father’s fighting or not fighting for their children, the parallels and the emotions that came from all of that was so interesting and well written.

I loved how Harrison and Wren wanted to change Everly’s perspective of love and how they went about doing it. Wren was adorable and I loved all her scenes, but especially the scenes where Harrison and Everly had PDA.

Cindy L.
Great Story!

I truly enjoyed this book by Lea Coll. Okay, to be honest, I've loved all of her books so far, but this was really special. Best friends realize they are in love with each other, which is amazing in itself. However, the best part is how much Everly loves and shows her love for Harrison's 8 year old daughter, Wren.