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Lea Coll

Reviving Hearts Hardcover

Reviving Hearts Hardcover

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This Christmas, I’d better not fall in love with my brother’s best friend… again.

A long time ago I fell in love with my brother’s best friend, Heath. We kept our relationship a secret, knowing my brother would never approve. I had faith that in time we would come clean and declare our love to the world, but Heath broke things off before that could ever happen. I fled from my hometown and vowed never to return.

Now I’ve inherited my grandmother’s Inn and I have no choice but to go back. It’s not as simple as just selling the property, it needs to be renovated first. When the realtor said he knew just the guy, I never suspected it would be Heath. The moment he steps back into my life, I can’t deny that the attraction is even greater than it was all those years ago. 

While renovating the Inn, Heath is determined to remind me of everything I loved about my grandmother’s property and his family’s Christmas tree farm. Nothing has ever felt more like home, than when I’m with Heath. Could these feelings be real or is it the magic of the holidays fooling me into falling in love with Heath again?


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