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Lea Coll

Runaway Love Hardcover

Runaway Love Hardcover

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No one plans to be a runaway bride. Or to be rescued by a mountain man. But here I am… 

Creating memorable weddings is my job. Literally. So, the one I planned for myself at the Christmas tree farm was perfect.  

Until I got cold feet and bolted.  

What I needed was a respite from the chaos. Somewhere to regroup.  

I never thought he’d provide it.

Emmett Monroe is the grumpy, romance-adverse farm owner. My polar opposite. I was shocked when he suggested I hide out at his cabin. We were both surprised when a snowstorm stranded us there…and even more so by how magical our time together was.

I know I’ll eventually have to leave and get back to my job—the one that depends on talking Emmett into something he really doesn’t want to do. 

But now I’m starting to wonder…will I be able to turn my wedding nightmare into a happily ever after, or will I end up with a broken heart for the holidays?

Runaway Love, book 1 in the Monroe Brothers series, is a spicy, emotional, grumpy/ sunshine contemporary romance featuring a hopeless romantic and the broody hero who tried (and failed) to resist her. Download today and get ready to fall for Ireland and Emmett. 



A dream wedding, a bride with cold feet, and the mountain man that comes to her rescue.

When I started planning my dream wedding at a Christmas tree farm, I never thought that, on my wedding day, I would literally bolt from my wedding.

I run through the Christmas tree farm until I find my favorite spot, which is where Emmett Monroe finds me, still in my wedding dress. The grumpy mountain man offers me a m
uch-needed respite from the chaos, inviting me into his cabin to "hide out" until all the wedding guests leave. But I never think that we will get stuck together for days in the one-bed cabin during a major snowstorm, completely cut off from the outside world.

We go sledding and build snowmen, and he even takes me to cut down a Christmas tree for his cabin—something I've never done in my entire life. It's magical, like time is suspended.

I fall hard and fast for him, but when the snow stops and the roads have been cleared, we have no choice but to return to reality. I need to deal with the fallout from my failed wedding, and if I want the head wedding planner position my boss offers me, I have to convince Emmett and his family to allow more holiday weddings to be held on his farm.

Emmett is adamantly against it, and our relationship only complicates things. If I don't push this, I might lose my job, but if I do, I might lose the only man I've ever truly loved.

Will I finally get my Christmas wish and get everything I've ever wanted? Or will this go down as one of the worst holiday seasons on record?


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