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Lea Coll

Second Chance Harbor Complete Box Set (Books 1-6) Ebook

Second Chance Harbor Complete Box Set (Books 1-6) Ebook

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These shop owners on Main Street are looking for a second chance at love. This special edition bundle includes 6 full-length novels, 3 novellas, and all bonus scenes.

Chance Encounter: (A Prequel Novella) It's been years since I last saw Ethan. I never imagined the muscular, tattooed man he'd grow up to be. But no matter how hot he was, I had to resist the temptation he presented.

Fighting Chance: I’m not bitter that Savannah St. James rejected me in high school. It's her cluttered storefront I have a problem with. Still, it’s hard to stay mad at her when she’s more beautiful than I remember and her son keeps finding new ways to sneak over to my hardware store every chance he gets.

One More Chance: Telling everyone my best friend, Max, and I are dating was a panic move. We were polar opposites. A tattooed bar owner and a strait-laced math teacher. Who’d actually believe it? I knew he’d play along, though.

Lucky Chance: Colton Castle and I are nothing alike. But when there’s trouble in my neighborhood, he’s everywhere I turn, looking sexy in his uniform. I start to see a different side of him. He's protective and caring. And makes my heart race. There's a problem: he's my sister's ex, which means he's completely off limits. 

My Best Chance: I’ve put my rebellious years behind me and I’m finally doing something I can be proud of. Single-parenting my son and opening a garage with my best friend has given me a fresh start. One that came with an unexpected attraction to my best friend’s sister. Her brother warned her against guys like me, but the more time I spend with her, the more I want her.

Worth a Chance: From lemonade stand wars as kids to competing coffee shops as adults, Ben always finds ways to get under my skin. But, no matter how he pushes my buttons, I refuse to let him ruin my business. Of course, there is the matter of his adorable seven-year-old daughter he’s now struggling to raise on his own. I want to keep him in the familiar enemy-zone, but his little girl is melting my heart.

A Chance at Forever: Enlisting was one of my life goals, so was marrying my high school sweetheart, Sophie, and escaping our small town. Nothing has ever hurt me more than when she turned down my proposal. I might not have made the right decisions all those years ago, but this time I’m going to prove to Sophie that I’m the right man for her. A future without her simply isn’t an option.

Fleeting Chance Novella: When I’m caught in a storm, my childhood friend and crush, Easton, rescues me. Now we’re stuck in his house for the night. He’s grown into a scorching hot man who can fill out a suit. I’m tempted to give into the impulse to enjoy one night together. Unfortunately, my heart wants more. Should I reveal to him my life-long crush, or will I lose my chance forever?

Irresistible Chance Novella: I needed to find a way to this six-foot-something tall broad-shouldered police officer out of my system, or each time he came into my vet clinic with a stray animal, I’d be mush in his hands. He was literally irresistible.

This special edition box set includes six novels, three novellas, all bonus material, and a sneak peek of the Ever After series!

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