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Lea Coll

The Way You Are Ebook

The Way You Are Ebook

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Book 2 of the Ever After Series

Rule No. 2: Don't sleep with the grumpy mechanic.
​​​​​​​I thrive on taking a few ordinary flowers and turning them into something breath-taking. But no matter how reliable my talent or sunny my personality is, my delivery van isn’t. It has a habit of letting me down at the last minute leaving me no choice but to call for help.

When the grumpy, sexy as all get-out mechanic finally offers some assistance, I also show him my grandfather’s prized muscle car, hoping he can restore it. After one hot night on the hood, ignoring my attraction to him is impossible. I know how he tastes, how he makes me feel.

Jake makes my blood sing on every level. Add to that a good dose of attitude and a body to die for. He's also a bad boy with a past. A fixer-upper.

Except the only thing I have time to fix up right now is the farm I’m renovating to become a wedding venue. Or maybe he's worth the risk after all.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Reading in the Red Room
Sooo Romantic!

I swear…out of ALL the Lea Coll books I have read so far this is by far the most romantic!!! I was sooo not expecting Lily and Jakes story to be sooo sweet and sooo romantic but it really was!! Lily is trying to live her dream by running Pedals her flower shop. She wants it to grow and thrive and she wants to make her late grandmother proud of her. If her van would stop breaking down that would be a big plus. Jake is part owner of the local auto shop and the man to fix Lily’s van…he can also change her life. Wow do these two have sparks and page turning chemistry. They both share the trama of having not such supportive relationships with their parents and understand each other more then some. This was another great addition to this series and I love watching this business grow and the partners get to know each other better. I love the characters popping in and out of each of these book seamlessly and I get so excited for the next book. Jake and Lilys story was emotional, adorable and just perfect. They had great banter and perfect chemistry and I wanted this book to last forever. As each book ends I get Ready for the next one to hit my kindle and boy am I ready.

Carol Taylor
Love a good romance

Two young people trying to make their businesses work but having to deal with bad parents. Loved the story line but wished the story went on longer as there was so much potential to the story, I e historically refurbished cars could have been useful in the wedding business etc. Did the bride's parents get invited to the wedding? No, what happened after their wedding? I read the bonus epilogue but it was a happily ever after anyway. Can't fault the book really as I loved reading it but I was left with questions ... I hate that haha. Will definitely read more of Lea Coll's work though 👍🏻

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Joy S
All the romantic feels

This is the 2nd book in the Ever After Series. This is a story of 2 very opposite characters: Lily, the optimistic struggling flower shop owner who is determined to succeed. And Jake, the grumpy mechanic with trust issues who is misunderstood by everyone. AKA the "Bad Guy". However when the two meet and let their walls down, their relationship blossoms into a beautiful one. Their opposite personalities complement one another. Lily and Jake's chemistry is spicy hot hot hot! This book has all the feels of a truly romantic emotional story. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and I can't wait to read the book next in the series.

Cindy L.
My absolute favorite!!!

This is my absolute favorite Lea Coll book. I have read every book of hers and thought some of her previous books were the best but this tops them all!

The Way You Are has to be the way every woman wants the man she loves to feel about her/make her feel! So romantic! Of course there are roadblocks and pitfalls but the end result couldn't be sweeter...

Lily is a very talented florist who is desperately trying to get her business off the ground, make it profitable and successful. The key to that may be trying to keep her old VW van, Berta, part of an inheritance from her beloved grandmother, on the road. Between the van and the farm, Lily is determined to make this work, if only to show her mother she isn't a complete failure.

Jake is a grumpy mechanic who's sure he will never have a meaningful relationship but can't get Lily out of his head.