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Lea Coll

Lucky Chance Ebook

Lucky Chance Ebook

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Book 3 of the Second Chance Harbor Series

He's grumpy and I radiate sunshine. But I can't get him out of my head. 

Colton Castle and I are nothing alike. He's a gruff police officer who only seems to see the worst in people. I'm the free spirit who believes there's good in everyone.

When there’s trouble in my neighborhood, he’s everywhere I turn, looking sexy in his uniform. I start to see a different side of him. He's protective and caring. And makes my heart race.

There's a problem: he's my sister's ex, which means he's completely off limits. He seems just as determined as me to ignore the connection. Yet the back-and-forth banter between us feels a lot like foreplay, and I’ve become addicted to the rush.

Except I want love and a family. Why am I drawn to someone who doesn't want the same thing?

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Danielle Fietkau
Worth the wait!

Ok, I have to admit that ever since the first book in this series I have been most excited about Colton and Remi's book. These two seemed SO opposite of each other, but you could see the underlying chemistry that was definitely there. Let me tell you that after reading this book, they are STILL two very different people and they STILL have AMAZING chemistry between the two of them. They just have one BIG thing that stands in their way- Colton used to date Remi's sister and that is a no-no, right?!

All in all this book made my heart completely melt, it was sweet but with JUST the right amount of steam- like loads of it! ;) There is so much more underneath both Colton and Remi's outer shells and it was a PLEASURE getting a sneak peak in their brains. I wanted to give them both a huge hug, because they are the very definition of "good people". If you can't tell, this is a MUST READ and you should probably go ahead and get it ASAP. I give it 5 out of 5 stars and can't wait for the next read in this series!

A. Reierson
The Cop and little Miss Sunshine

Colton Castle small town cop, all around straight laced follow the rules kind of guy.
Remington Lennox little miss sunshine wants to bring light and happiness to everyone she can.
This book was all kinds of fun and different and yet the same. It was new and yet felt very comfortable.
Kind of how I imagine Colton and Remi's relationship. They know each other because Colton dated Remi's older sister, but it was a child's relationship not really romantic. Now this new relationship is growing and building it's electric and exciting, it can't be contained.
But one of them has a problem from their past that they won't let go of, one that could destroy their new happiness.
Love this story so full of hope inspite of things that could have made it dark.
Love these characters and how the shop owners have become there own family too.

Lucky Chance

Remi & Colton are FIRE together. They are passionate, stubborn & they have mountains and valleys of doubt. So you know they will be butting heads often!! This has combustible chemistry, sexual tension, and angst, all paired with so much shared history that you can feel the depth of the relationship. Lucky Chance is a full mind, body and soul read. There were SO MANY feels rolling off these pages. Truly a breath-taking five-star read. One click now and you won't be disappointed!